Geoff Hollow


paintings 1980 - 1989

paintings 1990 - 1998


Geoff Hollow

Geoff Hollow was born in 1944 in London, brought up in Surrey, and returned to London in his twenties, where he lived and worked up until his untimely death in 1998. He was a self-taught artist who took up abstract painting in the early Seventies, when he came into contact with artists working at Stockwell Depot, in south London. After various group shows, including the 1979 Stockwell Depot show, a solo show at the Air Gallery in 1981 brought his work to the attention of a wider public.

In the early Eighties he moved to Greenwich studios, where his work and working practises expanded into new areas of expressive colouration, and where he was both encouraged and respected by his peers. In 1982 (and again in 1992) he was invited to attend the Triangle workshops in Mashomack, New York State, where he worked alongside British and American abstract painters and sculptors including Anthony Caro, who became one of an increasing circle of enthusiasts and collectors of Geoff Hollow's work. He can now be considered one of the most talented and original painters of his generation.

Shows of his work have included Wolfson College, Oxford, 1988; Sandra Higgins Fine Art, London 1990; the Works Gallery, New York, 1992; the Woodlands Gallery, London, 1993. A memorial show was held at the Workplace Gallery, London in 1999.