17th January - 21st January 2007

Opening: 16th January 2007

Poussin at the London Art Fair

Douglas Abercrombie

Alan Gouk

John McLean

Mali Morris

Fred Pollock

Tim Scott

Peter Startup

Poussin at the London Art Fair

Poussin specialises in recent abstract painting and sculpture from a “middle generation” of British artists. The ambition of their work and the pre-eminence it gives to plastic and spatial values allies it to the ascendants of Modernism, especially American Abstract Expressionism and Post-painterly Abstraction, and nearer home to the British St. Ives school of painters, some of whom very directly influenced the artists in this review. Included here are fine examples of significant early works, as well as more recent and new paintings and sculptures, all of which continue to expand upon the language of abstract art, and offer fresh insight into the expressive structures available to the eye.

The stand will highlight the work of some of our foremost abstract painters and sculptors.